My story. The makings of a Reckless Reader

                                                         Sherry Padilla.    

Ive always been drawn to the Tarot, its great artwork and mystery.  Its been in my life for over 25 years, although not consistently. All of that changed when I jumped in with both feet after joining The Denver Tarot Meetup in 2011. I am now a co-organizer and I lead the Social North in Thornton, CO.
Tapping into my need to grow myself, I started my business Reckless Reader Tarot, LLC in 2014. I love thinking outside the box and inspiring others to do so too. I can't say I don't follow the rules, I just follow them differently than most. My philosophy with life and Tarot; Be yourself, be creative, be a little crazy! Don't get stuck in the box.
I also sell tarot and oracle card decks at fairs and events around the Denver area. I keep an extensive inventory with sample cards of everything on hand making finding the right deck easy and fun. People love experiencing the cards outside of the box. Being a tarot card reader myself I can often steer someone to the right deck. Buying a card deck should be an experience, thats what I provide.